How Apple Watch Saved This Student From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Times of India

however Apple Watch Known for saving lives with its abnormal heart rate alert or fall detection, it is also proven to be a communication device in emergency situations. A student was rescued in Delaware Carbon monoxide poisoning with the help of Emergency SOS feature on it Apple Watching.
Natalie Nasatka, a student, had symptoms, CBS reported carbon monoxide Poisoning such as dizziness and fatigue when he used the Emergency SOS function to connect to his Apple Watch Emergency until you lose your mind.
Nasatka called the incident “extremely scary” and thanked him for being alive. At the time of the incident, he lost consciousness and felt extremely tired beforehand, with blurred vision. “I felt extremely exhausted,” Nasatka said. “My vision was blurry.” However, Nasatka was able to press the SOS button on the watch before passing out, which sent an emergency call to 911.
After the arrival of the fire department, Nasatka regained consciousness with the help of oxygen in the ambulance. “When I heard the firemen yell ‘fire department' and they pulled me out of bed, I just started crying and said ‘I want to live. I want to live,” he said. “I ride the waves of emotions.”
After conducting further tests, the fire department confirmed that carbon monoxide levels in Nasatka's apartment were dangerously high. He noted that a fire department monitor detected 80 parts of carbon monoxide in his apartment, which is an alarmingly high level. He suspects that the gas leak was caused by a faulty heater, which is one of the main culprits of carbon dioxide poisoning during the winter season.
Here's how you can use Emergency SOS on your Apple Watch
Press and hold the side button until the emergency call slider appears. Drag the slider to start the call immediately or wait for the watch to automatically call the emergency services after a countdown. Your location will be shared with emergency services, and your emergency contacts will receive a text message of your current location when the call ends.