Croma has warned gadget and e-shoppers about these websites – Times of India

It is owned by the Tata Group chrome Warn buyers about fraudsters impersonating Croma employees, agents or representatives to defraud consumers. The company sent out a warning message to its customers titled “Fraud Warning and Disclaimer”. The fraud alert notice also states websites that have “Croma” in their name to trick buyers into believing that these websites are affiliated with a consumer electronics network. The notification mentions two such Websites: and It adds that there are more such websites.
Among other things, the notice also tells users about valid payment methods and to never pay anyone claiming to be a Croma employee. It also says the company never calls to sell deals or gift cards. All offers and more are available on the company's official website, Croma WhatsApp channel, Tata Neu app or at its 450+ stores across India. Communication also takes place only through these channels.
Here's the text from Croma to its customers across the country
dear customer,
Consider these crucial details for safety:
🚨 Croma is officially available only at, Tata Neu app or 450+ stores across India.
🚨 Ignore sites like or etc.; They are in no way affiliated with Croma.
🚨 Our only valid payment methods are through our official website, store or Tata Neu app. Croma employees will never accept personal payments.
🚨 We will never call you to sell deals or gift cards. All offers and promotions are through our website, in-store or on our official Croma WhatsApp channel (green tick verified) and only through valid email IDs.
🚨 If you come across any suspicious activity or persons claiming to be connected to Croma through unauthorized means, please report it to 18005727662 or [email protected].
Team Croma