Apple Hopes to Bring Joe Biden ‘Good News’ for Christmas, Here’s Why – Times of India

The Apple WatchThe future of the US hangs in the balance, embroiled in a legal dispute with a medical technology company fields on blood oxygen monitoring technology. Due to potential import bans, Apple Perhaps the “last hope” will appear in an unlikely savior – the president Joe Biden You.
Masimo claims that Apple has infringed on its patents related to the blood oxygen measurement algorithms used in the Apple Watch Series 6 and later models.US International Trade Commission (ITC) sided with Masimo, paving the way for a ban on all Apple Watch imports into the US.
Although Apple has appealed the decision, the threat of a ban remains very real. Yesterday, the ITC denied Apple's motion to stay the order. “The Commission decided to deny Apple's motion to stay the remedial orders pending appeal and/or in light of a potential government shutdown, and it did so without relying on the materials that the complainants sought judicial notice of the Commission,” US ITC .
Biden has a trump card – the right to veto import bans. While Biden rarely makes such interventions, the popularity of the Apple Watch and its potential impact on the US economy could sway him. The watch boasts millions of users and contributes significantly to Apple's bottom line.
Following the ITC's final decision, Apple indicated its intention to appeal the decision by filing a complaint in the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. That appeal is scheduled for December 26, when the presidential review period ends.
Despite this upcoming legal action, it's important to note that the appeal will not act as a deterrent to the imminent ban on sales and imports of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, which will take effect on December 25th. In compliance with the ITC directive, Apple has decided to stop selling Apple Watch models this week.