How to recover deleted pictures in Google Photos – Times of India

We've all been there: accidentally delete a cherished photo Google Photos. Memory loss can be heartbreaking. But fear not, there is a good chance you can recover your lost treasure with a few simple steps.
First: Check the trash can
Think about it GoogleThe Photo Trash Can as a Digital Recycling Center. Photos and videos you've deleted are sent here for a temporary hold that offers a 60-day window for redemption. Here's how you can access it:
– Open the Google Photos app on your phone or tablet.
-Tap on “Library” at the bottom of the screen.
-Select “Trash” from the options.
– View deleted items. If you find the photo you're looking for, tap and hold it, then select “Recover.” Your photo will be back in your photo library, albums and even your phone gallery.
What to do if the photo is not in the trash can
But what if the photo is not in the trash can? Unfortunately, if you've emptied the trash or the 60-day period has expired, it will become more difficult to find the photo. Here are some additional options to explore:
Search your Google Drive: Sometimes photos deleted from Google Photos may still remain in your Google Drive. Try searching for the photo file name or keywords using Drive's search bar.
Check your phone gallery: If you don't have automatic photo backup turned on, they may still be stored in your phone's local gallery. Open your gallery app and search for the missing photo.
Third-party data recovery tools: Although not guaranteed, some data recovery apps can scan your phone's memory for deleted files. However, use these tools with caution and only download trusted options from trusted sources.
How to make sure you don't lose pictures in the future
– Turn on automatic backup: This ensures that your photos are safely stored in the cloud, even if you accidentally delete them from your phone.
– Export your photos regularly: periodically download your photos and videos to back them up on your computer or external hard drive.
-Use Google Photos features: Explore the “Archive” and “Lock” features to protect specific photos from accidental deletion.
Remember, recovering deleted photos can be difficult, but it's not always impossible. By following these steps and taking preventative measures, you can increase the chances of your precious memories surviving the digital divide. So take a breath, pick up your phone and get ready to rediscover your lost treasure!
If you're still having trouble finding a specific photo, try searching for it using keywords such as date taken, location, or any object or person in the image. Google Photos' search feature might just lead you to your lost memories.