Why marketing leaders are calling for X CEO Linda Iaccarino to step down – Times of India

Elon Musk Hired by NBCUniversal's Linda Iacarino Turning the company's fortunes around by bringing back advertisers who had stopped advertising on the platform. Under Yaccarino's leadership, the company said advertisers began returning to the platform until last week, when it was reported that many companies, including IBM and Applehave suspended ads on the platform. Now, a new report claims to have called YaccarinoMarketing leaders to resign.
Citing sources, Axios reported that brand executives and marketing leaders have called on Iaccarino to step down “before his reputation is damaged” in the industry.
“The issue is no longer about content contiguity or content moderation. The owner is simply not someone marketers can do business with,” Lou Pascalis, founder and CEO of marketing consultancy AJL Advisory and former head of global media at Bank of America, was quoted as saying.
The outlet said Pascalis texted Iaccarino on Sunday (Nov. 19) urging him to leave. In addition, several marketing leaders also sent similar remarks to Yaccarino.
Why are they urging Iacarino to leave X?
According to Pascalis, marketers want to maintain a reputation as a “beloved” member of the industry.
“I think the advertising community is now working to save the reputation of a beloved member of our industry who does not share Elon Musk's views and certainly did not know them when he took over as CEO. This,” Pascalis said.
Yaccarino is known to be one of the most savvy advertising leaders and well connected in the industry. It has reportedly introduced a range of brand safety controls for advertisers. It is also responsible for partnering with brand safety firm Integral Ad Science to help advertisers ensure their ads don't appear next to questionable content.
However, Iaccarino is not currently considering stepping down. She was reportedly attending her daughter's wedding over the weekend when the drama unfolded.