Meta is disbanding its Responsible AI team, here’s why – Times of India

Metaparent company Facebookbroke his Responsible AI (RAI) department dedicated to its safety regulation artificial intellect Projects during development and deployment.
According to multiple online reports, most RAI team members have been reassigned to Meta's Generative AI The product department, as reported by The Information, has even moved some AI infrastructure team.
Meta's Generative AI team was founded in February as part of the company's effort to stay out of the AI ​​race as other tech companies have invested heavily in machine learning. The division focuses on developing products that reflect human-made versions of form language and imagery.
While RAI employees have been dispersed across the organization, the company says it will continue to prioritize and invest in the safe and responsible development of artificial intelligence. Despite the team's restructuring, its members continue to support cross-meta efforts related to responsible AI development and use.
“We are committed to prioritizing and investing in the safe and responsible development of artificial intelligence,” a Meta spokesperson said.
Earlier this year, RAI's team also went through a restructuring process that included layoffs, leaving it a “shell of a team,” Business Insider reported. The report also states that the RAI team has minimal autonomy and that the implementation of its initiatives requires lengthy negotiations with stakeholders.
Meta has always said it wants to develop AI responsibly, but now there is no team dedicated to it. On its page, the company lists the pillars of responsible AI, which include accountability, transparency, security and privacy, among others.
As the use of AI continues to grow, regulators and officials have kept an eye on companies, making AI security a top priority for companies. The US government has tasked government agencies with creating safety guidelines for AI. meanwhile, European Union released its own set of AI principles.