Three days, three CEOs: OpenAI has ex-Twitch boss Sam Altman to replace it – Times of India

Last three days to call the number OpenAI It will not be chaotic. Even if you asked ChatGPT to write a script about strange events in the company, the AI ​​chatbot would not be able to understand what happened on OpenAI. In three days, the company saw three CEOs.
It all started with the launch of the OpenAI dashboard Sam Altman (CEO #1). A statement issued by the OpenAI Board of Directors stated that Altman No longer a starter because “the board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI.” Altman described the experience as “weird” in a post on X, saying it was “like reading your own eulogy while you're still alive.”
Altman was removed and replaced Mira Murat(CEO #2). Murat was OpenAI's chief technology officer and was named interim CEO. Social media was abuzz with Altman's firing, and reports suggested that employees at the company threatened to walk out if Altman was not reinstated. It was reported that even Murat wanted Altman back. Altman returned to discuss the possibility of a comeback just one day after being fired. However, according to a report by The Information, the talks broke down and OpenAI now has a new CEO.Emmett Shear (CEO #3), former CEO of Twitch, has now been named CEO of OpenAI.
According to The New York Times, OpenAI's board sent a memo to employees informing them that Shear was the new CEO. In a memo, the board said, “Shear has a ‘unique blend of skills, expertise and relationships that will lead OpenAI forward,'” according to the report.
In the memo, the board reiterated that the decision to remove Altman was the right one. “Simply put, Sam's conduct and lack of transparency in his dealings with the board undermined the board's ability to effectively oversee the company in the way it was charged with.”