Munch Museum partners with TCS to bring AI experience to museum – Times of India

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is collaborating Munch Museum in Oslo, to create immersive and interactive painting experiences for local visitors and global audiences. According to the company, scientists TCS The research will leverage their expertise in AI and machine learning (ML). Edvard MunchHis works and creative process come to life through digital innovation.
MUNCH houses the most extensive art collection dedicated to the famous Norwegian artist, with 26,724 works, non-art objects and writings, parts of which are spread over 11 galleries over 13 floors.
What is partnership?
It is understood that the museum approached TCS to collaborate on creating the first real-time painting experience based on Munch's extensive collection as a way to honor his inventive and inclusive spirit and engage new audiences with this fascinating body of Munch's art.
Together, TCS and MUNCH will work on the design, development and testing of pioneering AI and ML technologies linked to the museum's database of approximately 7,000 original paintings. In addition to collaboration through research, TCS also provides IT consulting, collaborative workshops and talent exchanges to help create immersive museum experiences that showcase the future of art. This experience will allow museum visitors to approach Munch's unique worldview by immersing himself in the aesthetic quality of his paintings and drawings.
TCS provides MUNCH with access to its research teams, partners in its Co-Innovation Network (COIN™), tools and methodologies. The collaboration will offer the museum the opportunity to work with TCS' Pace Ports™, a global network of co-innovation and research hubs to design and prototype next-generation digital solutions. This partnership will also enable MUNCH and TCS to assess joint business opportunities by exploring strategic priorities and state of the art technology use cases for partners and clients.
The leadership speaks
Ton Hansen, director of MUNCH, said: “Edvard Munch was a restless innovator who explored the human condition through his experimental art, and we wanted to honor his dream to share his art with everyone. TCS has a reputation for digital innovation and it was thought-provoking to see how powerful AI and ML technologies can be used to bring an artist's work to life in ways they never imagined. We believe this partnership will help us further expand our work to engage a global audience interested in our museum and the fascinating work of Edvard Munch.”
Dr Harry Who, TCS Chief Technology Officer, said, “We are excited to be a part of MUNCH's futuristic vision and the opportunity to apply generative AI to a field as personal and intimate as art appreciation. Applications like these really bring to life the scenarios made possible by current generation AI systems. We are delighted to be partnering with the museum as it provides an intimate insight into Munch's worldview and by using artificial intelligence, we are making learning about art a more inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.”