Indian workforce sees AI as useful: Adobe study – Times of India

Adobe recently conducted a study on Indian knowledge workers, examining their attitudes Digital Technology and how he affects their productivity. The report, titled “The The future of digital work: India”, highlights the factors that enable and constrain productivity and the digital tools and processes that are most important for a productive and satisfied workforce.
The study found that digital literacy is high among Indian knowledge workers, with 82% stating that digital technologies play an important role in their daily work. About 8 in 10 rate digital literacy above the global average.
Among all digital technologies, knowledge workers consider digital documents (76%), technology that supports collaboration (73%) and video conferencing (67%) to be the most indispensable.
As hybrid work becomes more common, leaders rely more on collaboration and video conferencing, while employees prefer instant messaging platforms and digital approval tools to meet their communication and workflow needs. Despite the growing adoption of digital technologies, paper-based work is still used in many workplaces. More than half (55%) of knowledge workers say at least half of their work is paper-based, while only 12% say they are completely paperless.
Generative AI Ensures accelerated work processes, eliminates redundant tasks and produces high-quality results. However, only 59% of respondents indicated that their companies They are currently using generative AI. The survey showed that 88% of employees expect to use it regularly in the future. While 88% of knowledge workers and 94% of leaders believe their companies should use generative AI, 6% of respondents remain hesitant due to security concerns, executive resistance, and misunderstanding.
Artificial intelligence has revolutionized work for 57% of employees, and 64% of respondents acknowledge its positive impact. Research suggests that more businesses have adopted AI Solutions than the worker knows, leaders experience increased speed, time savings and elimination of mundane tasks.
Indians are redefining productivity Workplace, favors impact on volume and speed. Knowledge workers associate productivity with impactful work. 90% of employees emphasize the importance of impactful work. A 4-day work week can increase productivity. 74% of Indian knowledge workers are affected by external factors like inflation. Digital tools are important for productivity, with 89% of knowledge workers acknowledging their importance. Poor technology tools have a negative impact on productivity, with 24% saying it kills their productivity.
Poor technology tools can negatively impact productivity, hurt the bottom line and affect talent retention. 93% of leaders and 87% of employees agree with this. Leaders waste 2-4 hours a day due to poor technology, resulting in up to 25 weeks lost per year. 44% of all employees believe that poor technology negatively impacts profitability by 20% or more. 62% of employees are looking for a technical solution to use on their own, 14% are looking for another job, and 16% will “quit”. 40% of employees are considering leaving their job in the next 6 months due to poor technology. Access to technology is crucial for knowledge workers when getting a job offer.