TRAI warns consumers about scam calls threatening to disconnect mobile number – Times of India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) warned cell phone users against scam calls. According to reports, these scammers encourage users to trick them by threatening to disconnect their mobile number. The Telecom Regulatory Authority has confirmed that it is not responsible for blocking or disconnecting the mobile number of any Telecom customer.
In a press note (viewed by Economic Times), TRAI Secretary, V Raghunandan said, “Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has come to the notice that some companies/agencies/individuals are fraudulently asking public/consumers that they are calling from TRAI and the mobile numbers of public/consumers will be disconnected due to the numbers. Used to send unwanted messages.
Raghunandan pointed out that TRAI is aware of these fraudsters who are deceiving consumers that their Aadhaar numbers have been used to obtain SIM cards and used for illegal activities. These scammers also try to trick users into joiningSkype Video calls to avoid disconnection of mobile numbers, he added.
A TRAI official noted, “The public is informed that TRAI does not block/disconnect individual mobile telecom users. TRAI never send notice or make any call for disconnection of mobile numbers. TRAI has not authorized any agency to contact customers for such activities and all such calls are illegal and should be dealt with according to law.”
It also noted that consumers should consider any call or message claiming to be from TRAI as potentially fraudulent.
How can users protect themselves from these scam calls and messages?
According to the Telecom Commercial Communication Consumer Preference Regulation (TCCCPR) of TRAI 2018 service providers It will be responsible for taking appropriate action against mobile numbers involved in making these fraudulent calls or sending unwanted messages, Raghunandan added.

He also noted that “Affected individuals may take up the matter with their respective service providers directly. Customer Service Center numbers or National Cybercrime Reporting Portal or call Cyber ​​Crime Helpline number 1930.”
According to PTI, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), also said it is not calling citizens who are facing disconnection. By consulting Department of Telecom It read: “Citizens are urged to exercise caution and not provide personal information if they receive calls like this.”