OpenAI Stops ChatGPT Plus Registration, Here’s Why – Times of India

The Microsoft-backed AI startup has decided to hit the pause button on users trying to sign up for the paid version of its popular chatbot ChatGPT. CEO of the company Sam Altman He took to social media platform X to confirm this OpenAI “New” was temporarily suspended ChatGPT Plus Registration.” In the post, he also explains that “the increase in usage has exceeded our capacity and we want to make sure everyone has a great experience.” However, users can “still sign up to receive in-app notifications.” The Company will notify Users when ChatGPT Plus subscriptions are reopened.

Last week, OpenAI unveiled new features and updates for its popular chatbot at the company's first developer conference. updated version GPT 4 now allows users to create custom versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks. The announcement reportedly increased demand for OpenAI's AI tools and services.
ChatGPT Plus: Price and other details
A paid version of the viral generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT offers more benefits. OpenAI also enables ChaGPT Plus users have access to the more powerful GPT-4 Large Multimodal Model (LMM).
In March, OpenAI did ChatGPT Plus subscriptions Available to users in India. Subscription price is $20 per month. ChatGPT Plus subscribers have general access to the chatbot even during peak hours. In addition to access to new features and enhancements, a paid subscription also offers faster response times.

However, OpenAI continues to offer a free version of ChatGPT that can be used without paying the company. In a blog post, the company explains: “By offering this subscription price, we can help support the availability of open access to as many people as possible.”
Once available, users will be able to see an “Upgrade to Plus” option on the left sidebar after logging into their account at By clicking on the option, the website will show the benefits of choosing a subscription over the free version. This popup also has an “update plan” button. Selecting this button will redirect users to a payment gateway where Indian users can use their credit cards to make the payment.