How Huawei’s Rise and Rise Affects iPhone Sales in China – Times of India

It seems that HuaweiIt's back with a bang—at least in China—as it's emerged as quite the popular brand, as reported by Counterpoint. “In October, Huawei clearly stood out with its turnaround on the back of the Mate 60 series of devices. “Demand is still double-digit high, and we're also seeing a halo effect with other chipsets,” noted Chinese analyst Archie Zhang. Vendor models work well.”
Huawei's rise has been hit AppleS iPhone Sales in China. According to the report, Huawei smartphone sales increased by 83% in October. On the other hand, Apple's growth was limited to 11% in October, which is a bit slow considering that the new iPhone 15 series was launched just a month earlier.

Apple's supply chain woes

According to Counterpoint, Apple has faced some issues, especially with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Specific color variants of the iPhone 15 Pro Max are facing delayed deliveries, resulting in longer wait times and higher prices on some e-commerce platforms.
Huawei is also experiencing supply chain problems, but for different reasons. Huawei's stock shortage is the result of much higher-than-expected demand and strain on its component supply chain and EMS providers, according to the report. “Huawei's ability to scale to this new norm will be a key determinant not only of their growth, but of the broader market,” said Ivan Lam, senior manufacturing analyst. “How they managed 11.11 is Huawei's first real test.” Indicators show that overall sales have increased, but how much Huawei contributed to these successes will be seen for the rest of the quarter,” he added.
Overall, China's smartphone market is showing good signs of recovery as it grew by 11% in October.