Here’s how much Google paid Apple to be an iPhone’s default search engine-Times of India

Google is facing an antitrust case in the US and the company has started a trial. The US Department of Justice said Google illegally reinforced the monopoly online, paid for it to be a default search engine on browsers and phones. Before re-launching the trial, the report says that the technological giant paid billions of Apple to make Google's default search engine on its devices.
During the trial period, it was found that Google paid $ 10 to $ 20 billion in Apple as part of a contract to be a default search engine on Google Safari. But now is the final number. Two people knowing about the partnership, the New York Times report says that the iPhone manufacturer was paid $ 18 billion in 2021.
Google's Apple's “concern”
Was mentioned in the report Google was worried On the improvement of Apple's search technology. Apple's iPhone search instrument, Spotlight, has begun to show users's richer web results such as Google.
After that, Google, reportedly, was looking for ways to reduce Spotlight by producing my own version of iPhones. He was also planning to convince the iPhone more users to use Google's Chrome web browser instead of Apple's Safari browser.
The same topic was spoken by the Microsoft Director General Satia Nadela But in a slightly different light. Although New York's report says that Google is concerned about Apple's efforts to improve his search technology, Nadela's comments suggested that Apple feared that Google would use its popular services such as Gmail to convince users of Chrome.
Nadela also said Microsoft wanted to be a default browser on Apple devices, but money was a restriction. His testimony also meant that Microsoft was also ready to pay $ 15 billion to become an Apple's default search engine.
At the same time, Google argues that although its search engine is default, users have the opportunity to change it according to their wishes.