How to use voice typing in Google Docs – Times of India

Google Docs It has many features aimed at offering convenience to the user. One such function is voice typing. Now it's a general feature and now an accessibility feature. That said, both normal and able-bodied people can use this feature with just a few clicks.
What is Voice Typing in Google Docs?
Voice typing, as the name suggests, is a feature that allows users to type using their voice. It's like a voice-based narration feature, when enabled, Google Docs automatically starts converting voice to text in real-time. The feature is useful when you want to type something quickly, have problems or cannot type, or the keyboard does not work for some reason.
What you'll need to record voice in Google Docs
– Web browser
– Google account
– Internet connection
– A computer with a working microphone
Let's start with the steps
Enabling voice typing in Google Docs is pretty easy. Users can enable this from the Tools tab in Docs or by using a simple keyboard shortcut. Let's see how to activate it.
– Open Google Docs ( using any web browser
– Sign in using your Google account if you haven't already
– Now, click on Create a new document and then click on the Tools tab at the top
– Select the voice dialing option from the drop down menu
– A small pop-up window with a microphone will appear on the document screen
– Here you will see a small language selection dropdown. Select the language you want to use
– Then click on the microphone icon to start voice typing
He is! Now you can start talking on your computer and Docs will automatically start converting it to text.
Alternatively, you can also use CMD+Shift+S enabled Mac or Ctrl+Shift+S on Windows to activate this feature.
Disclaimer: The voice typing feature works really well. However, there are times when, for many reasons, it cannot describe everything perfectly. So don't forget to proofread once after you finish typing.