Thomson has ambitious plans for laptop market in India, says top Indian executive – Times of India

The laptop space is competitive, especially here in India. Several laptop manufacturers already offer a wide range of options, from affordable, gaming and premium ultrabooks with high-end specifications. In fact, several smartphone brands have also entered this space with their affordable yet high-end specifications.
Thomson, a company known for making high-end televisions, is planning to enter the laptop market soon. TOI-Gadgets Now interacted on the upcoming launch Avneet Singh Marwah CEOSPPL Thomson's exclusive brand licensor in India and Sébastien Crombez, Trade and Marketing Manager, Trademark Licensing, founded (Thomson France) in the upcoming line of laptops that the company plans to introduce in the Indian market.
Laptops are not new to Thomson
Thomson is not new when it comes to laptops. The company has a history of manufacturing laptops. Marwa noted that “It's not that we are very new to the laptop category. in the 1980s-90s, Thompson The production of laptops started and most schools in France used Thompson laptops.
“Thompson knows history; They know what kind of things should be done in laptops. The early 2000s was when most of the American brands came in and due to competition etc. They were updated again in 2015, just a couple of years back, the company had about 30% laptop share in France in the €300 price group. was additionally added.
Thomson laptops in the Indian market to take the expertise from Thomson France
As Marwah pointed out, Thomson already has an existing line of laptops in France, and the laptops it plans to launch in the Indian market are likely to take a lot of cues from that. Marwa noted, “They've done it and they know what the segments need to be and what the x-factor needs to be in those segments.”
“So in terms of laptops, the kind of expertise that we've got from our headquarters, which has a relatively large amount of experience, and the kind of partnership that they've made with the chip maker, the OS maker, the OS provider. So we have taken all this expertise from them to create a laptop for the Indian market,” he added.
Aftermarket is important and Thomson relies on the existing network
According to our conversation, Thomson considers laptops as an additional category in their portfolio and since sales are important, after sales service becomes more important. Marwa said that Thomson is ready to handle this situation as well. He noted that “Thompson has invested in over 19,000 zip codes. We do door to door service. For TV and it's not a door-to-door service, you have to go to a service center.” He also added that the kind of relationship we've built over so many years with all these different products, I think we're getting into laptops and service. So we don't have to create another customer care service, it's just another category to add. We don't have to appoint a lot of people we already have.”
In addition, Thomson is also focused on sustainability and wants to be 90% green by the next decade. The company is already focusing on recycling materials and reducing plastic waste to make the earth a greener place.