Matter 1.2 is here: What it means for smart home devices, appliances and more – Times of India

The connectivity standards alliance—which has members like Apple, Google, Amazon, among others—announced Matter, version 1.2 is available for device makers and platforms to embed in their products. Issue 1.2 It also brings significant improvements to the testing and certification program, helping companies bring products—hardware, software, chipsets, and applications—to market faster.
what is matter
The material is new smart home A standard that promises to make it easier than ever to connect and use smart devices from different brands and ecosystems.
Matter is based on Internet Protocol (IP), which is the same language used by the Internet. This means that matter Devices will be able to communicate with each other directly, without a central hub or cloud service. This will make Matter devices more reliable and responsive, while also giving users more control over their data.

Nine new devices now support Matter

Matter 1.2 version includes support for nine devices. These include: refrigerators, it goes beyond basic temperature control and monitoring. In addition, this appliance type is also used in other related appliances such as deep freezers and even wine and kimchi refrigerators. CSA.
While HVAC and thermostats were already part of Matter 1.0, separate room ACs with temperature and fan mode controls are now supported.
The third category of appliances are dishwashers that support basic features such as remote start and progress notifications. Dishwasher alarms are also supported, including operational errors such as water supply and drain, temperature and door lock errors.
In addition, laundry machines, robot vacuums, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, air quality sensors, air purifiers and fans are also supported by Matter 1.2.
“Matter 1.2 is now available to device and app developers worldwide, and with nine new device types and significant new features and enhancements, work on Matter continues,” the CSA blog post said.