Nvidia, AMD may have ‘bad news’ for Intel – Times of India

NvidiaA company that essentially dominates the market for GPUs and AI chips may be entering a new space: PCs. The report says that the company has quietly begun designing CPUs that will run on Microsoft's Windows operating system.
Reuters news agency, citing two people familiar with the matter, reported that these processors will be based on Arm technology. The report also said AMD It also plans to make chips for computers using Arm technology.
Microsoft is reportedly pushing chip companies to build Arm-based processors for Windows PCs, and Intel has been the market leader in terms of processors for Windows PCs.
Meanwhile, Apple also launched Arm-based M-series processors, and according to preliminary third-quarter data from research firm IDC, the iPhone maker has nearly doubled its market share in the three years since it launched Arm-based chips for Mac computers.
Computers with Nvidia, AMD chips could be released in 2025
One of the people on the matter said that Nvidia and AMD might sell computer chips As soon as 2025. Both companies can be linked to Qualcomm, which has been making Arm-based chips for laptops since 2016.
Qualcomm is reportedly planning to reveal details of the flagship chip, which was built by a team of former Apple engineers, at an event said to be attended by Microsoft executives, including Windows and Devices vice president Pawan Davuluri.
Apple has set the bar
Apple's custom M-series chips have led to better battery life and increased performance for Mac computers. One of the sources claimed that Microsoft executives have observed how efficient Apple's Arm-based chips are, and they want to achieve similar performance.
Microsoft is also pushing chipmakers to build advanced AI features into the processors they develop. The company has already rolled out AI-powered Copilot in its products, and will need the power to run that experience — allowing Nvidia and AMD to bring their AI chip expertise to PC chips.