The girls were lucky to escape drowning

Two young girls have been rushed to hospital after drowning in Western Australia.

A family day out at Port Coogee Marina, south of Perth, turned into a terrifying ordeal on Wednesday after two five-year-old girls got into trouble in the water and started fighting.

The panicked little girls are understood to have pushed each other to the surface until they each got water.

Good Samaritans Adrian and Jenny Hills were called to the rescue by a family member of the little girls who asked for a defibrillator in case the couple needed resuscitation.

“They had already pumped the water out so when we got there they were just freaking out,” Mr Hills told 9 News.

Mr Hills said there were no signs the girls were in trouble until they called for help.

“I didn't see anything, it was really quiet, because that's what happens when children drown,” he said.

“There's not a lot of fuss, they can come in and then you don't hear anything.”

The couple stayed with the family and helped keep the girls calm until paramedics arrived, luckily they didn't need a defibrillator.

The terrifying scenario comes just days after two children were found floating in the Swan River near Burswood Park playground on New Year's Eve.

A four-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy were pulled unresponsive from the river at around 17:25 on Sunday evening.

The children, who were not related but knew each other, died while being taken to Perth Children's Hospital.

Their families are believed to be Syrian refugees who came to Australia to escape the civil war.

A witness at the scene said the man pulled the boy and girl from the water while the woman began CPR and tried to save their lives.

“From that moment, everyone gathered around. There was a lot of panic and chaos,” he told the ABC.

He said he also saw the mother of one of the children collapse after trying to resuscitate her.

This summer has been particularly tragic for drowning deaths in Australian waters, according to Royal Life Saving Australia's drowning figures.

Since the beginning of December, 38 people have drowned, compared to 33 this time last year.

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